Swier Law Firm Announces "Varsity Basketball Sportsmanship Challenge!"


The 2018-2019 high school boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball seasons are right around the corner and Swier Law Firm has selected ten schools from throughout South Dakota to participate in the law firm’s inaugural “Varsity Basketball Sportsmanship Challenge™.” If these varsity basketball teams successfully complete the Challenge, they will win $400 ($200 per team) to use for team camps, shooting shirts, or any other reason the coaching staff sees fit!
The Challenge’s requirement is straight-forward –  these school's varsity basketball teams cannot receive any technical fouls during the 2018-2019 season (this includes regular season play and post-season play):
"Good sportsmanship offers an ideal opportunity for any student to develop life skills such as character, teamwork, honor and fair play, excellence and hard work, discipline, overcoming adversity and failure, resiliency and perseverance, citizenship, and the importance of unselfishness," said Scott Swier. "To me, 'sportsmanship' is one of those terms that we all know but probably would explain differently if asked. To me, sportsmanship is an attitude that shows fairness, respect for one's opponent, and grace in winning or losing."