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Swier Law Firm's Family Law Practice Group is an experienced and nationally recognized team of  divorce and child custody lawyers in South Dakota whose goal is to help you through a very emotional and difficult time. The Group's attorneys focus exclusively on South Dakota family law including adoptionsalimony, child custody and support, divorce, grandparent visitation rights, high net worth divorcesparenting plans, premarital agreementsproperty division, and mediation.  

Swier Law Firm has an outstanding reputation both in the courts and with other attorneys. When you are facing a division in your family, having Swier Law Firm's Family Law Practice Group on your side can help make this process easier.


Let Our Team Of Nationally Recognized South Dakota Divorce Attorneys And Child Custody Lawyers Advocate For You

Each divorce in South Dakota is different. Some are contested, while others are not. Sometimes, you may simply need a lawyer to help you with a small portion of the divorce process.  Divorce and Child Custody Lawyers

From start to finish we want you to have the legal guidance you need as you begin this difficult process. To help get you started, we have written South Dakota's premier family law book - The Essential Guide to Child Custody and Divorce in South Dakota™ - that gives you information to help navigate this stressful time in your life.

When you are ready, we help you negotiate a resolution that will be beneficial both for you and your spouse. We work hard to get you to a better place both personally and emotionally.

Put Our Nationally Recognized South Dakota Divorce Attorneys And Child Custody Lawyers On Your Side

Whenever young children are involved, child custody cases can become difficult and emotional. These cases are often complicated and require the help of a South Dakota child custody lawyer. Our Family Law Practice Group is dedicated to working with you to navigate the legal process, establish child custody guidelines, make modifications to child custody, and define visitation rights.

We Can Make The Process Of Adoption In South Dakota As Smooth As Possible

Adopting a child should be one of the most joyful experiences a family can have. However, in order for that adoption to be completed quickly and without problems, a great deal of technical expertise is required. Our Family Law Practice Group is familiar with the intricacies of direct-placement adoptions, agency adoptions, and foster parent adoptions, as well the Indian Child Welfare Act, and we have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that your adoption is completed without delay.

Our attorneys represent prospective adoptive parents in a wide range of circumstances, including stepparent adoptions, international adoption and interstate adoptions, relative adoption, and co-parent adoptions. We also provide representation to birth parents who are considering signing consents to permit an adoption to take place.

Adoption cases are complicated. Our attorneys work with a variety of cases across South Dakota and the nation, including cases involving Native American parents (which present additional legal challenges). With the help of our Family Law Practice Group, you can get the representation you need to help guide you during this life-changing decision.

As your family undergoes changes through divorce, child custody battles, or adoption, our South Dakota family law attorneys are ready to give you the help you need. Contact us today for a confidential consultation to learn more how we can help make your life easier during this difficult time.

Take a look at our valuable books and articles. Our materials are full of tips and advice. Each book was written by our experienced divorce and custody attorneys and provides detailed South Dakota-specific information designed to help anyone facing a divorce or custody case. You can request your free copy by clicking on the book covers below.  

          Swier Law Firm Divorce And Child Custody Lawyers Book                 15 Tips for Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in South Dakota              Swier Law Firm Divorce and Child Custody Lawyers                           


Testimonials for Swier Law Firm

We used Swier Law Firm for a family law issue and estate planning. Both experiences and outcomes were positive. We were able to make appointments with the attorney easily and appreciated having his undivided attention when we talked. Thanks for the help Swier Law!
Swier Law Firm
Date published: 02/19/2018
5 / 5 stars
Overall rating: ★★★★★5 based on 1 reviews
I live in Cairo Egypt, so when my ex-wife and I decided to get a divorce, I had not idea how difficult this would be The exwife left me with the task, but thankfully I found Scott Swier. I’ll never be able to thank Scott and his firm enough for being so dedicate and patient. I can now move on in my life. So appreciative to the Scott Swier firm.
Swier Law Firm
Date published: 05/09/2017
5 / 5 stars
He replied to my question on his site within hours. I am a professional and had a subpoena very soon, so Scott spent time over the weekend on my case. In the end, Scott was able to help me protect the confidentiality of children who were counting on me to do that. Scott is empathetic and it’s clear he wants to make sure when he speaks for his clients that he understands what they are wanting to have communicated to the Court. I am extremely satisfied and would use Scott again if a situation arose. His staff is excellent in the same authentic caring manner. I can’t say enough about Swier Law Firm.
Swier Law Firm
Date published: 05/01/2017
5 / 5 stars
Mr. Swier did a great job representing me in my custody case. I felt totally prepared going into court, which was a bit nerve-wracking as a dad fighting for my son. In the end we came out on top, he knocked it out of the park.
Swier Law Firm
Date published: 02/27/2013
5 / 5 stars
Brooke listened to my issue, made sure she understood the facts, and offered her thoughts and options that I have. She didn’t take calls and was completely focused on me and my issue the entire time.
Swier Law Firm
Date published: 02/12/2018
5 / 5 stars
Brooke is very dedicated to her profession, she is very good at listening and giving you options when dealing with your case. I have been working with Brooke over a year now on legal issues (divorce/custody) and she does a tremendous job doing her research and knowing the facts and law before you step into a court room and is very good at explaining the processes involved with court system. I highly recommend Brooke she is definitely someone you can count on and want on your side.
Swier Law Firm
Date published: 06/15/2015
5 / 5 stars