Swier Law Firm's Business Shield Plan™

Swier Law Firm's Business and Corporate Law Practice Group offers our clients a select membership in our comprehensive Business Shield Plan™. For a reduced rate, our law firm provides ongoing legal services and advice to help our clients maintain their business in good standing and allows each individual business to focus on their day-to-day operations and profits without the distractions and complexities of dealing with their legal obligations.

Swier Law Firm Business Shield Service

Firm Access

  • We will provide an annual meeting with the principal agents of the business to discuss concerns, strategies, and legal questions regarding the daily operations of the business.

Document Review and Service of Process

  • We will conduct a yearly review to make sure your business documents are current, properly coordinated, and legally compliant.
  • We will serve as your registered agent as required by South Dakota law.
  • We will make needed changes and revisions to business documents as required by changes in the law and at our client's request.

Meeting Minutes, Periodic Reports, and Filings

  • We will prepare agendas, notices, and minutes in connection with your annual meeting.
  • We will file periodic reports required by the South Dakota Secretary of State's Office.

Important Reminders and Updates

  • We will provide you with helpful reminders throughout the year to help you keep track of important dates and legal requirements that impact your business.

Administrative Services

  • We will maintain a copy of your business documents.
  • We will provide Notary Services for your business.

Education Services

  • We will provide educational newsletters throughout the year on relevant business issues.

For more information about Swier Law Firm's Business Shield Plan™, please contact Sara Travis at [email protected] or 605-275-5669.