Swier Law Firm Vice President of Development Sara Travis

Sara Travis

Sara Travis

  • Vice President of Development
  • Swier Law Firm, Prof. LLC
  • p: (605) 275-5669
  • f: (605) 286-3219
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Sara earned her undergraduate degree in business administration, magna cum laude, then an MBA in general management and marketing from the School of Management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She is very grateful for the education she received while attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks as she continues to use many of the ideas and lessons she learned; in fact, she says it is her way of bringing Alaska to South Dakota.

Sara and her family moved to the Sioux Falls area from Fairbanks, Alaska, to be closer to family. Sara has three children, two of whom are Autistic, and feels lucky to learn from each of her kids. She enjoys spending time with family, loves to read, and watching hockey and baseball.

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