The Swier Law Firm Elder Law FAQs

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  • When Does a Healthcare Power of Attorney Go Into Effect?

    Typically, a healthcare power of attorney goes into effect after your doctor certifies that your medical conditions qualify under South Dakota law and you are, in fact, unable to make medical decisions on your own.

  • What Is a Healthcare Power of Attorney?

    A healthcare power of attorney allows you to appoint a person to help deal with your medical situation if you cannot speak for yourself.

  • How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help Me?

    An elder law attorney can help with any of these issues:

    • Discussing the importance of wills and estate planning, including planning for a minor or adult with special needs and probate proceedings.
    • Providing help with health care and planning.
    • Providing help with long term care options and Medicare
    • Discussing the importance of financial planning, including durable powers of attorneys and gift tax issues
    • Helping to locate long term care facilities and manage assisted living costs.

  • What Makes Elder Law Unique?


    Elder law is the only area of law defined by the clients we serve rather than the areas of law in which we practice. We like to deal "holistically" with our clients in talking about long-term planning for health care, long-term care, and financial viability, family dynamics, healthcare and long-term care decisions, personal values, and personal preferences.