South Dakota Legal Resources to Help Strengthen Your Case

We have put together a list of third-party resources to help you. Use these together with guidance from your South Dakota lawyer to aid in your case and deepen your understanding of legal issues.

Agricultural Law

  • South Dakota Department of Agriculture

    The South Dakota Department of Agriculture's mission is to promote, protect, and preserve South Dakota agriculture for today and tomorrow.

  • Iowa State University Center for Agricultural Law & Taxation

    The Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation (CALT) at Iowa State University provides timely, critically objective information to producers, professionals and agribusinesses concerning the application of important developments in agricultural law and taxation (federal and state legal opinions of relevance, as well as critical legislative developments), and is a primary source of professional educational training in agricultural law and taxation.

  • United States Department of Agriculture

    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) the United States federal executive department responsible for developing and executing federal government policy on farming, agriculture, forestry, and food. It aims to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers, promote agricultural trade and production, work to assure food safety, protect natural resources, foster rural communities and end hunger in the United States and abroad.

Business and Corporate Law

  • Avon Chamber of Commerce

    The Avon Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the betterment of Avon's business community. It is made up of business, industrial, agricultural, individuals and professional people from the Avon area; working together to promote expansion and civic welfare of our town.

  • Corsica Economic Development Corporation

    The Corsica Economic Development Corporation was organized in 1992 to promote the city of Corsica, foster new businesses and investments in the city and trade area, and promote the public good of the community.

  • Winner Chamber of Commerce

    The Winner Area Chamber of Commerce is a positive, upbeat organization that has genuine interest and care for the community and the Chamber members. We work to promote the economic development and advancement of the businesses in the Winner community. The Chamber understands the need to embrace success while looking to the future.

  • Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

    The mission of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce is to represent members by advancing and promoting the economic health and quality of life of the region. It strives to achieve this by being a central force in the greater community and a place where local businesses can access resources and interact with other members of the business community.

  • Small Business Administration - South Dakota

    The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation.

Business Litigation

  • South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation

    The Department of Labor and Regulation in South Dakota is available to employers to understand the current employment laws in their area. With this understanding, employers can help avoid a lawsuit and act in accordance with the law limiting their risk.

  • South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce keeps businesses current on the legislation in their area and across the state. With access to the Chamber of Commerce in South Dakota, businesses can have a better understanding of the laws for corporations in their area.

Education Law

  • South Dakota Education Association

    SDEA members work in South Dakota 's public schools, colleges and universities to help improve public education and the lives of South Dakota 's children. SDEA members provide a wide range of professional education services in communities throughout the state.

  • Associated School Boards of South Dakota

    Associated School Boards of South Dakota is a private, non-profit organization representing more than 850 local school board members, the school districts they govern and the students they serve.

  • School Administrators of South Dakota

    The School Administrators of South Dakota was founded in 1970 with the purpose of binding the parent association into one unified organization.

  • Dakota Education Consulting, LLC

    Dakota Educational Consulting specializes in providing excellence in consulting services while supporting educational leadership to K-12 districts in South Dakota.

  • South Dakota Department of Education

Estate Planning and Probate

  • Sioux Falls Estate Planning Council

    The Sioux Falls Estate Planning Council was formed as a nonprofit corporation to foster intelligent cooperation and a cordial understanding among the members as to the proper relationship between the function of the attorney, certified public accountant, life underwriter, trust officer and financial planner in the field of financial and estate planning.

  • Department of Revenue – South Dakota State Tax Laws

    When a family member passes away, there is a lot to consider. One of the biggest factors in estate planning and probate in South Dakota are the taxes that the family can expect to incur. This is especially true of farmers in South Dakota. The Department of Revenue outlines what a family can expect in terms of how much they will owe in taxes.

Family Law

  • National Indian Child Welfare Association

    For Native American families looking to give up their child for adoption, there are unique regulations that must be followed. The National Indian Child Welfare Association sheds light onto these regulations, why they are in effect, and how to act in compliance with them throughout the adoption process.


  • Motor Vehicles Division of South Dakota

    The Motor Vehicles Division of South Dakota keeps drivers updated with current road conditions, construction areas and other hazards that have the potential to cause a car accident. This division also provides drivers information about the trucking industry to help victims of truck accidents in South Dakota understand the laws for truckers.