The Savvy Farmer's Guide To Crop Insurance Disputes™

Don't Settle For Less If Mother Nature Destroys Your Crops


Agricultural producers are heavily dependent on the weather. Storms producing drought, high winds, tornadoes, and hail can severely damage a producer's crops.

Producers often purchase agricultural insurance in order to reduce their financial exposure in the event of a natural disaster. When they suffer damages to their farm, livestock, or crops, agricultural insurance is there to protect them from severe loss.

Fighting denied or disputed crop insurance claims is complex and requires a thorough understanding of agriculture and crop insurance company practices. 


In The Savvy Farmer's Guide To Crop Insurance Disputes™, Swier Law Firm's Business & Corporate Law Practice Group and Agricultural Law Practice Group gives readers a valuable resource and answers to their most common questions.

In this book, you'll learn about:

  • A Brief History of Crop Insurance
  • The ABCs of Crop Insurance
  • Six Frequently Asked Questions About Crop Insurance
  • The Eight Most Common Crop Insurance Mistakes That Cost Producers Money
  • And more . . .

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