14 Important Things Every South Dakota School Administrator Should Know About Website Accessibility™

School Administrator Tips On Website Accessibility


You’re busy updating your school’s homepage with some new images when your IT director hands you a letter - it's a school website accessibility complaint from the United States Office for Civil Rights (OCR). This official notification claims that your school website violates federal accessibility standards. Now what?

If you don’t know your next move, you’re not alone. School districts from across the nation are being served notice by the OCR that their websites are not ADA compliant. These letters are catching many school districts off guard. However, if you take the proper steps, you can satisfy the federal law requirements and put in place a plan to resolve your school web accessibility issues.

In 14 Important Things Every South Dakota School Administrator Should Know About Website Accessibility™, Swier Law Firm's Education Law Practice Group gives readers a valuable resource and answers to their most common questions.

This Report Will Answer These Questions:

  • What laws require a school district to have website accessibility?
  • What is website accessibility?
  • What is the Office of Civil Rights?
  • How is website accessibility enforced?
  • What does the law require of my school website?
  • And more . . .


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