Four Things To Think About When Choosing A Guardian For Your Autistic Child


One of the most important decisions that the parents of an autistic child need to make is the choice of a guardian. Here are four steps to follow in making this decision:

Tip #1 – Shared Values. Choose someone you know well and who shares your goals, values, and parenting style. You want that person to share your philosophy of childrearing in general.

Tip #2 – Financial Stability. Choose someone who has the financial resources to care for your child. It costs a lot of money to raise and educate a child, and you don’t want to impose these economic burdens on someone who cannot meet them.

Tip #3 – Character. Don't choose someone that a court would not approve as a guardian, such as someone with a history of drug or alcohol abuse or a criminal record.

Tip #4 – Age. Choose someone young enough to see their responsibilities through to your child's adulthood. You also want someone who is in good enough health to withstand the challenges of raising your child. It may be tempting to choose your own parents as guardians, but statistically,  you are likely to outlive them. Think about potential guardians who are your age or younger.