5 Common Divorce Mistakes in South Dakota


In South Dakota, the financial consequences of a divorce can be devastating.  Therefore, it is important to avoid these 5 common mistakes:

Avoid These Financial Divorce Mistakes

Mistake # 1 - Choosing the wrong divorce attorney. 

Swier Law Firm's book - 15 Tips for Choosing a South Dakota Divorce Lawyer - is a great source of information to guide you in choosing your lawyer. 

Mistake # 2 - Taking divorce advice from friends and family. 

Although friends and family will have your best interests in mind, the best source of legal advice in a divorce is your divorce lawyer. 

Mistake # 3 - Failing to understand the legal process.

Your lawyer should be willing to educate you about South Dakota's divorce process and how our state's laws will impact your divorce. 

Mistake # 4 - Failing to have realistic goals. 

A court is unlikely to give either party everything he or she wants. To a certain extent, compromise is part of almost every divorce.  

Mistake # 5 - Hiding assets. 

If you hide assets, the consequences will likely be very bad. Telling the truth is of the utmost importance at all times.   

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