2 Tips To Protect Your Online Privacy During A South Dakota Divorce

In today's world, when the decision to divorce has been made, one of the first things attorneys will tell their clients is the importance of protecting their online privacy. Here are two tips to protect your online privacy during a South Dakota divorce. 

Tip #1 - Change All Passwords

The very first tip is to change your passwords – all of them. Studies have found that 67% of couples have shared at least one account password with their partner, while 27% have shared their email password. Some couples use a shared password manager, like 1Password, to manage access to online services, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Although sharing passwords is seen as a sign of trust, continuing to allow your spouse access to important information is asking for trouble. While your spouse may never choose to access your private information, changing your password can ensure that your personal information is not taken by an estranged spouse.

Tip #2 - Lock Down Your Devices

With the use of iPhones, smartphones, and tablet computers, many Americans have troves of valuable personal information laying around the house for anyone to access. If you and your spouse still reside in the same house, it is easy for him/her to access not only your text messages, but also your emails, social media profiles, bank accounts, and credit card apps. Securing your personal electronic devices with a PIN or fingerprint can help prevent this kind of snooping.

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