13 Questions To Ask Your South Dakota Divorce and Child Custody Attorney

During an initial consultation with an attorney, you should come prepared with the facts and issues surrounding the case. From these facts, the attorney should be able to give you a reasonable initial evaluation of how your case may develop. However, this is also a time for you to ask questions about the process your case will follow. Here are thirteen questions you should consider when looking to hire a South Dakota family law attorney:

Question #1 -  What is your hourly rate and what is the hourly rate for your staff who may be working on my case?

Question #2 -  What retainer will your require?

Question #3 -  Will you provide a written fee agreement regarding any fees or expenses for my case?

Question #4 -  What expenses or additional fees will be billed to me?

Question #5 -  What makes your firm unique and different from other law firms?

Question #6 -  How “tech savvy” are your attorneys and how do they keep pace with changing technology?

Question #7 -  What are your client communications polices?

Question #8 -  Will I be copied on all documents pertaining to my case?

Question #9 -  What is your preferred strategy or “philosophy” for handling a divorce case?

Question #10 - How long will my case take?

Question #11 - Other than yourself, what other people in your firm would work on my case?

Question #12 - What professional organizations do you belong to?

Question #13 - Does your firm carry malpractice insurance?

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