Lawsuit Claims Anheuser-Busch Waters Down Its Beers

Posted on Mar 11, 2013

A proposed class lawsuit was recently filed in California accusing Anheuser-Busch -  the world’s largest brewer - of watering down its beers in order to boost profits.  The lawsuit claims the company misleads consumers by mislabeling the alcohol content of its Budweiser, Michelob, Michelob Ultra, Hurricane High Gravity Lager, King Cobra, Busch Ice, Natural Ice, Bud Ice, Bud Light Platinum and Bud Light Lime brands.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs say the suit could affect tens of millions of U.S. consumers. The suit seeks restitution for U.S. consumers that could add up to tens of millions of dollars, as well as an injunction imposing labeling requirements and alcohol-content regulations for Anheuser-Busch.