Have You Been Served? Here Are the Next Five Steps You Must Take After a South Dakota Lawsuit is Started


Has your business just been sued—and now you are unsure of what you should do next?

Receiving notice of a lawsuit against your company is an experience that should not be taken lightly. When you have been served a lawsuit, you are faced with a number of risks against your company that have the potential to divert your forward momentum and cost you a lot of money.

Here are five steps you must take as soon as you have been served with a lawsuit against your business:

  1. Act Fast. Business lawsuits in South Dakota come with their fair share of strict deadlines that you must follow. This is not the time to delay. Act fast to find out the deadlines you are up against.
  2. Interview Business Litigation Attorneys. After notice of a lawsuit, you need to get a business litigation attorney on your side to help you understand the complexities of the documents you have been served. Start interviewing attorneys to find the right fit for your company.
  3. Gather Information. You will need to gather as much evidence and information as you can to help state your case. Start by putting together a file filled with as much paperwork and documentation as you can find to enhance your company’s position in the lawsuit.
  4. Consider a Settlement or Mediation. Going to court and through a trial can be time-consuming and very costly for a business. Whenever possible, consider the option of mediation or settling if it makes sense for your situation.
  5. File a Countersuit. In many situations, it can make sense to file a counter lawsuit against the person or company suing you. Your attorney will be able to decide if this is an appropriate action given your circumstances.