Factors for South Dakota Families to Consider When Naming a Guardian of Minor Children

Here Are Five Factors Young South Dakota Families Should Consider When Naming A Guardian

1.  The Physical Location of the Guardian

When naming a guardian, a young family should consider the physical location of the guardian. Relocating a child after a tragic loss could create unnecessary stress on the children.

2.  The Lifestyle of the Guardian

When naming a guardian for young children, parents should consider the lifestyle of the guardian. Review the potential guardian's work schedule, friends, and social habits. If the potential guardian works 40 hour weeks and has their own family, naming them as guardian of your minor children may create further stress on both your children and the potential guardian.

3.  The Religious, Political, and Moral Beliefs of the Guardian

Young families should consider all aspects of a potential guardian's belief system before naming the person as guardian. Young parents must remember that if something should happen to both of them, the guardian will be responsible for raising the children. It is important to consider how the children will be raised under the care of the guardian.

4.  The Guardian's Financial Situation

Usually, young families do not pass on substantial assets to raise their minor children. In this situation it is important to consider the financial status of the potential guardian. If the potential guardian is financially stable it bodes well for the financial future of your children.

5.  The Guardian's Desire to Serve

COMMUNICATION! It is important to communicate with the potential guardian to determine whether he would be the perfect fit. The guardian may not be ready (or willing) to become a parent to your minor children.

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