Crop Insurance Disputes


Fighting denied or disputed crop insurance claims is complex and requires a thorough understanding of agriculture and crop insurance company practices.

Farmers are heavily dependent on the weather. Drought and storms can damage both crops and agricultural products. Additionally, storms producing high winds, tornadoes, and hail can severely damage outbuildings and farming equipment.

Farmers often purchase agricultural insurance in order to reduce their financial exposure in the event of a natural disaster. When they suffer damages to their farm, livestock, or crops, the agricultural insurance is there to protect them from severe loss.

Crop Insurance As A Crucial Risk Management Tool

Federal crop insurance is an important risk management tool for farmers throughout South Dakota and the United States. This is not likely to change, and, in the near future, an expanded federal crop insurance program may replace many of the traditional “safety net” farm programs. In fact, crop insurance has become an integral part of the modern farm operation for producers.

Federal crop insurance has emerged as a mainstay of farm risk management and future farm legislation. Once a loss occurs, farmers may have difficulty navigating the claims process, especially given some of the complexities associated with crop insurance policies. The Basic Provisions included in the Common Crop Insurance Policy place significant responsibility on farmers who suffer covered losses.

Our Agricultural Law Practice Group represents farmers across South Dakota and the United States fighting denied or disputed crop insurance claims. We look forward to serving your needs and helping you solve your crop insurance claims.


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