In South Dakota, what is the process for recommending non-renewal of a teacher?

If nonrenewal of a teacher is contemplated (under SDCL 13-43-6.1) the superintendent or chief executive officer shall give:

  • written notice of an intention to recommend nonrenewal to the teacher and the school board;
  • a written statement of the reasons for the recommendation;
  • access to the employment records of the teacher;
  • the opportunity to the teacher for a hearing before the school board to present reasons in person or in writing why the nonrenewal should not occur; and
  • the opportunity to be represented.

The teacher shall request the hearing (as provided in SDCL 13-43-6.9) and the school board shall conduct the hearing not sooner than fourteen days, nor later than forty-five days, after receipt of the teacher's request for hearing. The parties may waive the time limitations provided for in this section.