Swier Law Firm's Commitment to Project Rural Practice Featured in Mitchell Daily Republic


Jake Fischer and Amanda Work of Swier Law Firm were featured in the Mitchell Daily Republic's recent article - "Five Years Later: Project Rural Practice."

Almost five years since South Dakota launched its first-of-its-kind program to recruit and retain attorneys in rural areas, Project Rural Practice is not only working - it's growing.

In 2014, Jake Fischer joined Swier Law Firm and became the first attorney in South Dakota to participate in Project Rural Practice. Jake now serves on several community boards and acknowledges that Project Rural Practice "ended upon being a fairly big motivator in bringing me back to South Dakota."

Soon after, Amanda Work joined Swier Law Firm's Winner office and became its second Project Rural Practice attorney. Very quickly, Amanda became a valuable member of the community by serving on several committee boards and as President of the Winner Chamber of Commerce.


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