3 Estate Planning "Must Haves" For Every South Dakotan

Brooke Swier Schloss
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Family Law and Estate Planning attorney helping families across South Dakota plan and protect their loved ones


Many people believe that the term “estate” only applies to the wealthy. However, in reality, almost everyone has an “estate.” Your estate is all of your property – your home, real estate, savings, bank accounts, life insurance policies, furniture, retirement plans, personal property and everything else you own. In other words, if you own property, you have an estate. Here are three estate planning "must haves" for every South Dakotan.

1.) An Updated Last Will & Testament

A Last Will & Testament directs how you want your property to be distributed when you die. In South Dakota, anyone who is at least eighteen years old and of sound mind can make a will. A will does not take effect until you die. Also, as long as you are of sound mind, you can change your will as often as you want.  

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