Five More Tips for Motorcycle Safety in South Dakota

With warm weather and the Sturgis Rally approaching, here are five more safety tips for motorcyclers which are important to remember to avoid accidents and enjoy your ride this summer.

Tip # 1 - Always maintain an adequate distance between the vehicle in front of you and your motorcycle. This allows for proper response time in case the vehicle unexpectedly brakes.

Tip #2 - Wear visible clothing instead of dark clothing. This allows for other drivers and vehicles to easily see and identify you as a motorcycle operator.

Tip #3 - Remember to continually scan the area ahead of you for any hazards which may be present. These hazards can include braking vehicles, turning cars, railroad tracks, and road construction.

Tip #4 - Always use the proper turn signals and lane positions. Obey the guidelines set forth in the South Dakota Motorcycle Manual.

Tip #5 - Use safe riding techniques when turning and going around curves. It is your responsibility as a driver to slow down and avoid taking the curve too fast which can result in braking too hard or crossing into other lanes of traffic.

By adhering to these responsibilities, you can help ensure your safety while riding.

Source: South Dakota Motorcycle Manual