8 Frequently Asked Questions About South Dakota's "Back To Normal" Plan

The State of South Dakota has issued its "Back to Normal" Plan regarding COVID-19.

Here are 8 frequently asked questions about the plan.

FAQ #1 - When can churches and other places of worship resume religious services?

Answer - Churches were never required to close; as they resume services, they are encouraged to consider the guidelines for “public gatherings” and to consider steps to maintain reasonable physical distancing.


FAQ #2 - Does this mean schools could resume in-person classes before the end of the school year?

Answer - Each school district should make its own decisions about the remainder of the school year. School districts are encouraged to take steps to contact all students and assess student learning.


FAQ #3 - When can daycare centers reopen?

Answer - Daycares were never explicitly required to close; they can reopen at any time and are encouraged to emphasize appropriate sanitation.


FAQ #4 - Do I have to keep wearing a mask when I am in public?

Answer - Masks have never been required, but South Dakotans are encouraged to continue to consider CDC guidance and use.


FAQ #5 - Does this mean I no longer have to “stay at home”?

Answer - South Dakota never issued a “stay at home” or “shelter in place” order. South Dakotans are encouraged to use common sense and practice good hygiene and reasonable physical distancing.


FAQ #6 - Are businesses, including outdoor venues and events, allowed to reopen?

Answer - No business was ever required to close. Businesses are encouraged to consider these guidelines as they resume normal operations, and also must adhere to any local restrictions.


FAQ #7 - Is travel allowed to and from South Dakota, or within South Dakota?

Answer - South Dakota never prohibited travel to or from other states, or within the state. South Dakotans and visitors from out-of-state are encouraged to use common sense.


FAQ #8 - Can doctors resume clinic visits? Can dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, and other healthcare providers resume operation?

Answer - Non-hospital healthcare, including clinic visits, can resume so long as providers secure adequate supplies of personal protective equipment without relying on the state supply.