6 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A South Dakota DUI Lawyer

Here are six questions you should ask before choosing a South Dakota DUI lawyer.

Question #1 – Does the lawyer answer your questions in a clear and straight- forward way?

The most important thing to remember when speaking with a lawyer is to ask questions. You should also expect professional and direct answers in response to your questions. The best lawyers will appreciate your questions and will take it as a sign that you’ve done your homework.

The first time you meet with a lawyer, not only are you interviewing him, but he is also interviewing you. A superb lawyer wants to represent a prepared client who is committed to retaining the best legal representation available.

Question #2 – What does the lawyer see as the primary challenges in your case?

A lawyer should be able to tell you what he sees as the main challenges you face and what that could mean to the final result.

A good lawyer will not promise you a specific result. Any other answer is not realistic or helpful to you. A good lawyer can promise that he will do his absolute best to represent you. No good lawyer is “undefeated.” However, you can’t get good legal advice if a lawyer doesn’t recognize the unique issues in your case.

Question #3 – How much experience does the lawyer have in defending DUI cases?

Asking about a lawyer’s actual experience in defending DUI cases will tell you a lot about the representation you will receive.

Swier Law Firm’s lawyers have handled hundreds of DUI cases for clients throughout South Dakota.

You should be confident that you have spoken with a lawyer who has real experience and a proven track record.

There is simply no substitute for experience!

Question #4 – What is the lawyer’s rating for legal ability and ethics?

Many of Swier Law Firm’s lawyers have received a rating of “Superb” - the highest rating awarded within the Avvo professional review process. The Avvo Rating is an unbiased system that evaluates a lawyer’s background and is calculated using a model that considers a lawyer’s professional profile, years in practice, disciplinary history, professional achievements, and industry recognition.

Question #5 – Is the lawyer a former prosecutor?

Swier Law Firm's lawyers have previously served as prosecutors in the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office and in many high-profile criminal cases.

Question #6 – What are the potential legal costs in your case?

A lawyer should be honest with you about what your case may cost. You want to make sure that you are not enticed with promises of unrealistically low fees and costs.

Frankly, hiring a lawyer based on an unrealistic price or the lowest price is a very bad idea - it’s almost as bad as representing yourself in court.