Ten Things A Parent Can Do To Help Their Child After an Injury In South Dakota

The most difficult cases we handle in our office involve the death or serious injury of a child.  It's heartbreaking to see the emotional devastation parents, grandparents, and siblings experience after a child has been injured in an accident.  As we all have children in our lives, we understand how traumatic these experiences can be for families.

When tragedy strikes, the lives of parents are turned upside down.  If their child has been seriously injured, parents are left trying to navigate the medical community and health insurance.  If someone has lost a child, just trying to get out of bed can seem like a monumental task. Deaths or injuries caused by someone else's careless conduct adds even more stress because it entails dealing with a legal system with which most people have little experience.

If your child has been injured in an accident, the initial steps you take can make a big difference to the outcome of the case.

We've compiled ten tips to help your child after an injury in South Dakota:

1.     Seek treatment immediately.
2.     Don't rush to settle your child's claim quickly.
3.     Don't underestimate the insurance adjusters who contact you.
4.     Don't provide a statement to the adjuster.
5.     Don't sign any medical authorization forms.
6.     Start a file to document everything connected to your child's case.
7.     Honesty is the best policy.
8.     Don't withhold information from your lawyer.
9.     Don't exaggerate the impact of your child's injury.
10.   Hire an attorney who devotes his practice to these type of cases.

We've found that parents whose kids have been hurt in accidents have so much on their minds that they don't need more confusion when they're evaluating their legal options. The attorneys in our office believe that our goal is to help parents understand how they can best protect their rights and their children's rights.  When parents meet with us, they're looking for straightforward answers and common sense guidance.  We will provide solid information for parents so they feel like they have a grasp on the basics to best help their child.

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