Swier Law Firm Volunteers at The Banquet


On Saturday, May 20, Swier Law Firm was privileged to volunteer at The Banquet in Sioux Falls.


The Banquet meal ministry was founded in 1985 starting with just one meal per week. It now serves 13 meals per week at two locations. The Banquet is a volunteer-based ministry, which means its meals are paid for, prepared by, and served by volunteer groups who come from Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.


In 2016 The Banquet served 196,000 meals, and at least 25,000 of those meals were served to children under 12. 


The law firm and Rocky Ridge Farm, LLC prepared food and served lunch to over 340 residents.


"We are truly honored to assist The Banquet in the great work that it does," said Scott Swier. "It's easy for people to write a check and say they're done. But when you connect with real people and their needs, it's a life-changing experience."




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