2 Important Pieces of Information That You Should Get After A South Dakota Automobile Accident


You probably know that if you are involved in an accident, you will need your car insurance, license, and registration. However, there is some less obvious, yet very important, information that you should get after the accident that you were never told to get.

First, get accident photographs before the cars are moved. A few photographs of the positioning of both cars and their location on the road can, in some circumstances, provide clear evidence of what occurred. Take some photographs of the damages immediately after the accident occurred even if it’s minor.

Second, get unrelated witnesses when possible. Witnesses who have no relation to the parties involved in the accident and who saw the accident unfold are like gold to an adjuster. People who do not have a vested interest in the outcome of an accident are more reliable and valuable in confirming the accident events. In some cases, they have the best perspective to see what happened.

Keep in mind that you usually cannot get any more information after you leave the scene. Police officers and adjusters will assist in the investigation, but don’t leave anything to chance.

This information may become valuable if a claim goes to court so be thorough. Trust me - your attorney will appreciate all the information and evidence available when it becomes crunch time.