What should I do if I'm involved in a traffic accident?

Take notes!

One of the most important steps you can take is to document the entire situation by taking careful notes soon after your accident.  This single step can help make the entire claims process easier on you -- and increase your chances of receiving the compensation to which you are entitled.  Keeping notes to remind you of all the details of what happened, and what you went through, is much easier and more accurate than relying on your memory.

Write things down as soon as you can: Start with what you were doing and where you were going, the people you were with, the time, and the weather.  Include every detail of what you saw, heard, and felt.  Be sure to add anything you remember hearing anyone -- a person involved in the accident or a witness -- say about the accident.

Finally, make daily notes of the effects of your injuries. You may suffer pain, discomfort, anxiety, loss of sleep, or other problems which are not as visible or serious as another injury, but for which you may be entitled to further compensation.