Read What Others Have to Say About Our South Dakota Lawyers

We are glad that you are here. Some people don't trust what they read at an attorney's own website so we suggest that in addition to reviewing the comments here you also check out:

Our mission at Swier Law Firm is clear - we want to help people make great decisions about their legal issues. We want everyone who calls our office or knocks on our door to get the absolute best information and advice that we can give them, whether they become our client or not. We're proud and honored to have served so many people in our communities, and we wanted to give you a sample of some of the stories that they tell.

Below you'll find testimonials from people who have worked with us and wanted to share their experience. In the end, most of our clients tell us that it was a combination of information and testimonials that lead them to hire Swier Law Firm. 

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  • "Brooke Schloss is an excellent lawyer"

    "Brooke Schloss is very dedicated to her profession, she is very good at listening and giving you options when dealing with your case. I have been working with Brooke over a year now on legal issues (divorce/custody) and she does a tremendous job doing her research and knowing the facts and law before you step into a court room and is very good at explaining the processes involved with court system. I highly recommend Brooke she is definitely someone you can count on and want on your side."

  • "A superb law firm with high values"

    "Swier Law Firm has amazing, intelligent attorneys who truly care for their clients. A superb law firm with high values that guide them in everything they do. I highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of an attorney for any purpose."

  • "They totally knocked it out of the park!"

    "Swier Law Firm represented me in my child custody case, which was somewhat nerve-wracking when you're fighting for your child, especially, as a dad. I felt totally prepared going into court with them on my side, and we came out on top. They totally knocked it out of the park!"

  • "They were very informative and explained all of the options available to us."

    "Swier Law Firm was very informative and explained all of the options available to us. They made sure we clearly understood the choices we had and are so personable. They made us feel very comfortable and unafraid to ask questions. Swier Law Firm's attorneys have an amazing understanding of the law and are able to convey in laymen's terms that knowledge to their clients."