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  • "Scott Swier is amazing"

      "Scott Swier is amazing. He listened to everything we had to tell him and took it very seriously. Scott's connections and personality are admirable. He is very personable and cares about your well being. I can't thank him enough for everything."

  • "Scott Swier is an excellent lawyer"

      "Mr. Swier provided authoritative, compassionate, and timely support in response to my situation. I chose him for his high ethical standards, as well as his demonstrated expertise in legal fields of relevance to my case, and have not been disappointed in the slightest. I give him my very highest recommendation."

  • "Scott replied to my question within hours."

    "Scott Swier replied to my question within hours. I am a professional and had a subpoena very soon, so Scott spent time over the weekend on my case. In the end, Scott was able to help me protect the confidentiality of children who were counting on me to do that. Scott is empathetic and it's clear he wants to make sure when he speaks for his clients that he understands what they are wanting to have communicated to the Court. I am extremely satisfied and would use Scott again if a situation arose. His staff is excellent in the same authentic, caring manner. I can't say enough about Swier Law Firm."

    K.R. - Licensed Professional Counsel-Mental Health
  • "Thank you for your hard work and professionalism."

      "I wanted to thank your law firm for your generosity and hard work in my case. I greatly appreciate the professionalism you put forth in taking my case and doing such a great job on my behalf. A sincere 'Thank You' to you and your staff."

  • "Rebekkah Steinwand was very informative"

      "Rebekkah Steinwand was very understanding and sympathetic to my feelings about my situation. She made sure that she informed me of all aspects of my legal rights regarding my situation and not just answering the questions I had originally posed."

  • "Rebekkah Steinwand is a dynamic young attorney"

      "Rebekkah Steinwand is a committed and dynamic young attorney. She is dedicated to her clients and committed to providing first rate representation."

  • "Jake Fischer is at the forefront of his field in Agricultural Law"

      "Jake Fischer is at the forefront of his field in Agricultural Law. Not only did he write the book on Agricultural Law in South Dakota, but he also strives to stay apprised of new and developing trends to better serve his clients. He offers his clients amazing advocacy skills followed by an easy-to-approach style. You will always feel comfortable discussing you legal matters with Jake."

  • "I worked with Scott Swier and was very pleased with the outcome."

    “I worked with Scott Swier on my estate planning and was very pleased with the outcome. He helped me determine my exact needs without pressuring me into choices. He took his time talking with me but finished the work very timely. I appreciated the peace of mind knowing my family will be protected.”

  • "Lindsay Harris is hard working, thorough, and dedicated to her work"

      "When visiting with Lindsay Harris, we found her to be a conscientious, loving, and caring person. She is hard working, thorough, and dedicated to her work. She will have your best interests at heart and you will only get the best from her."

  • "A family member turned me to Lindsay M. Harris . . . She came up with a strategy and plan for the rest of my life . . . I highly recommend her."

    "A family member turned me to Lindsay M. Harris. I needed the full boat, a complete plan from the ground up, and that was a scary place to be. The first time we met, we talked for a long time. She asked about my family, my lifestyle, my wants and needs, my dreams, my career and so much more. She came up with a strategy and plan for the rest of my life. At each step of the process, she didn't just say sign here, sign there; she actually explained different options, and gave her professional opinion on each subject. It was truly the most stress free experience, and I know that I am in good hands with Lindsay now. I highly recommend her."