What You Need To Know About South Dakota Motorcycle Accidents

The South Dakota Motorcycle Accident Handbook

For many of us, few things are better than riding our motorcycles with miles of clear road in front of you. In South Dakota, our motorcycle routes reach from the open prairies to the beauty of the Black Hills.  

The clear organization and down-to-earth approach makes this book a valuable reference tool for anyone who seeks to understand what to expect in South Dakota after a motorcycle accident. In this compact volume, Scott Swier and Mike Henderson give readers answers to their most common motorcycle accident questions.






This Book Will Teach You:

  • The South Dakota Motorcycle Experience and the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  • Seven Immediate "TO DO's" After Your South Dakota Motorcycle Accident 
  • Seven Records That You Need To Keep After Your South Dakota Motorcycle Accident
  • Ten Tips To Maximize Your Recovery After A Motorcycle Accident
  • Ten Questions Asked In A South Dakota Motorcycle Accident Case
  • Ten Things Your Lawyer Should Do After A South Dakota Motorcycle Accident 
  • Forty Things Our Law Firm Does For You Before Trial 

And much more...

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