Mitchell Daily Republic Recognizes Swier Law Firm

Posted on Jul 19, 2015

Swier Law Firm was recently recognized by the Mitchell Daily Republic for its efforts on behalf of Delmont residents impacted by the May 2015 tornado.

The Daily Republic's article - "Delmont Residents Encouraged to Utilize Help" - discusses Swier Law Firm's Delmont Assistance Program and commitment to providing a free insurance analysis for Delmont residents to determine if their insurance company is properly handling the claims procedure. 

 "Insurance companies are in the business to make money," Scott Swier said. "Insurance companies' primary role, we think, should be to help us. If we pay premiums through a certain number of years and something happens like what happened here, then our insurance company should step up and give us what we think we paid for. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. If this happens to us once in a lifetime, it's amazing. But the fact is, it's happened. Now, it's our job to help make getting past it easier."

"Our law firm is committed to helping our Delmont neighbors and we are proud to do whatever we can to help our friends and their families get their lives back in order,” said Swier.