Swier Law Firm Helps Delmont Tornado Victims

Posted on Jun 01, 2015

Swier Law Firm encourages Delmont residents who have suffered home or commercial property damage after the May 10 tornadoes to contact them for free legal assistance with filing insurance claims and guidance on other legal questions they may be facing as a result of the destructive storms.


"Our law firm is committed to helping our Delmont neighbors and we are proud to do whatever we can to help our friends and their families get their lives back in order,” said Scott Swier.


Swier Law Firm's attorneys are helping Delmont residents by reviewing their insurance policies to determine what damages are covered under their plans. “Insurance companies are under a legal obligation to pay when it becomes reasonably clear that a claim is covered, but some Delmont property owners may find that their insurance company is not 'playing fair' with their claims,” Swier said. "Our Delmont Assistance Program is meant to protect their rights and level the playing field."


You can learn more about Swier Law Firm's Delmont Assistance Program here.