Book Release - South Dakota Motorcycle Accident Handbook

Scott Swier
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Posted on Jul 15, 2015

Swier Law Firm recently published a new book titled The South Dakota Motorcycle Accident Handbook

Bob Burns and Scott Swier of Swier Law Firm’s Personal Litigation Practice Group authored the book which is a valuable reference for anyone who wants to understand what to expect in South Dakota after a motorcycle accident. In this volume, Swier Law Firm gives readers answers to their most common motorcycle accident questions, including:

  • The South Dakota Motorcycle Experience and the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  • Seven Immediate "TO DO's" After Your South Dakota Motorcycle Accident 
  • Seven Records That You Need To Keep After Your South Dakota Motorcycle Accident
  • Ten Tips To Maximize Your Recovery After A Motorcycle Accident
  • Ten Questions Asked In A South Dakota Motorcycle Accident Case
  • Ten Things Your Lawyer Should Do After A South Dakota Motorcycle Accident 
  • Forty Things Our Law Firm Does For You Before Trial 

And much more...