Wrongful Death Lawyers In South Dakota

In South Dakota, when a person dies or is killed due to the improper actions of another, the surviving members of the victim's family may bring a claim for "wrongful death."

When you lose someone you love you are surely dealing with emotional trauma. We understand the other burdens of loss such as medical bills, funeral expenses, probating an estate, property loss; the list goes on. It can feel like you are in a whirlwind, particularly if you are left with all the responsibility. As survivor you may have the right under South Dakota law to be compensated for your loss.

We believe that every family should have accurate information about the legal process. Therefore, we've provided much of this information for free and we encourage you to read our books - The South Dakota Automobile Accident Handbook and The South Dakota Motorcycle Accident Handbook - and our new article - Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Death in South Dakota to find out more information.