Is Your School Board Ready For School Law Boot Camp™? Here Are 8 Questions To Find Out


Question #1 - What Is School Law Boot Camp™?

Research shows that the most effective school board training occurs when all school board members learn and interact as a team.

School Law Boot Camp™ offers custom designed, in-house training sessions to help your school board members hone their skills and understand their legal obligations. 


Question #2 - Why Should You Schedule School Law Boot Camp™ For Your School Board?

  • School Law Boot Camp™ increases your school board's knowledge and effectiveness.
  • School Law Boot Camp™ is imperative if your school board is going to mitigate risk in the face of ever-changing legal challenges.


Question #3 - What Are The Advantages of Choosing School Law Boot Camp™ For Your School Board?

Save Money and Time

Since your School Law Boot Camp™ is held at your convenience and at the location of your choice, your school board members save travel costs and don’t waste valuable time away from their family and jobs.

Get Customized Content

School Law Boot Camp™ targets the most important issues affecting your school board. 

Engage Your School Board Members 

School Law Boot Camp™ participants all hear the same information and gain a greater understanding of the laws governing your school board.

Learn From Our Nationally Recognized School Law Attorneys.

A thorough understanding of national, state, and local educational concerns allows Swier School Law Counsel™ to bring a practical, solutions-oriented approach to your School Law Boot Camp™. Our attorneys author the popular publication, South Dakota School Law Notes™ and The South Dakota School Law Deskbook™, which is considered the essential resource for every school administrator, school board member, and teacher in our state.


Question #4 - What Can Your School Board Learn From School Law Boot Camp™?

School Law Boot Camp™ has a comprehensive series of training sessions for your school board. 

Session #1 - Achieving Your School Board's Best Year Ever - 10 Legal Tips For Every School Board Member To Keep Out of Trouble!

School boards in high-achieving districts exhibit habits and characteristics that are markedly different from boards in low-achieving districts. This session focuses on how your school board can stay out of common legal quagmires. 

Session #2 - The Legislature Has Spoken (Whether You Like It Or Not)

On July 1, 2019, a new package of laws will impact South Dakota's schools. This session provides your school board with an overview of these new laws and the affect they will have on your school district. 

Session #3 - Playing The Role Of Judge and Jury - Your School Board's Complete Road Map To Student Discipline

Enforcement of your school district's student conduct and discipline code is generally an administrative function. However, your school board may become involved in student discipline when it is necessary to suspend or expel a student. In these cases, the school board acts as an impartial decision-maker, listening to the recommendations of the administration and the defense of the student. This session gives your school board a road map of the "do's and don'ts" of student discipline.

Session #4 - Can't We Just Talk About It Privately? What Every School Board Member Needs to Know About South Dakota's Open Meetings Law  

South Dakota's open meetings law embodies the principle that the public is entitled to the greatest possible information about public affairs. Despite this relatively "simple" principle, open meeting violations continue to impact school boards. This session clarifies what can be a confusing area for school board members.

Session #5 - Can I Please See That Document? What Every School Board Member Needs To Know About South Dakota's Public Records Act

The South Dakota Legislature recently modified South Dakota's public records laws. This session provides your school board with the most important aspects of our state's public records law.

Session #6 - Secrets of School Law Revealed: 5 Laws That School Board Members Never Knew Existed

One of our most popular sessions! This session reveals a series of "secret" school laws that have been "hidden" until now!  

Session #7 - To Carry Or Not To Carry: What is South Dakota's School Sentinel Program?

South Dakota's School Sentinel Program allows a school board to establish and supervise the arming of school employees. This session focuses on the "pros and cons" and what a school district must do to create a School Sentinel Program.   

Session #8 - Separating Fact From Fiction: Fundamentals Of Special Education Law For School Board Members

Special education law is an expensive and potentially litigious area with a number of complex laws at play. This session focuses on the fundamentals of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the pitfalls that accompany a school district's failure to comply with this law.   

Session #9 - Anderson Cooper Is Calling! What Do We Do Now?

Reporters have a job to do. However, school board members also have a responsibility to know what to do when Anderson Cooper calls. This session provides a guide for your school board (and administration) to follow when dealing with the media.

Session #10 - Did You Hear What Principal Jones Said!? Can We Fire Her For That!?

Public school employees do not forfeit their First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse door. However, this doesn't mean that school employees can say whatever they want, whenever they want. This session describes what the right to freedom of expression means for public school employees. 


Question #5 - Is My School Board Limited To These 10 School Law Boot Camp™ Sessions?

Absolutely not. School Law Boot Camp™ will work with you to design other customized sessions that you believe would benefit your school board.  


Question #6 - How Long Can I Wait Until I Need To Schedule My School Board For School Law Boot Camp™?​ 

Not very long! School Law Boot Camp™ is limited to the first 12 school districts that "lock in" a date.


Question #7 - What Is The School Law Boot Camp™ Guarantee?

We are confident that School Law Boot Camp™ will provide your school board with new "tools" to become a better informed and more responsive board. However, if you believe that School Law Boot Camp™ did not benefit your school board, you will receive a full refund of the training fee.


Question #8 - How Can My School Board Participate In School Law Boot Camp™? 

Participating in School Law Boot Camp™ is easy and requires just three steps:

Step #1 - Decide which of the School Law Boot Camp™ sessions (or other customized sessions) you would like presented to your school board.

Step #2 - Choose a date that School Law Boot Camp™ works best for your school board.

Step #3 - Contact Sara Travis at [email protected] or 605-275-5669 to book your date and set your School Law Boot Camp™ fee.