Sheltering Generational Wealth From A South Dakota Divorce

When clients set up generational wealth to pass directly to their heirs, and those assets are commingled with spousal assets or used to buy marital property, they may become fair game in later divorce proceedings.

Solution: Explore Dynasty Trusts

Families do not have to rely on prenuptial agreements to protect assets. A less emotionally charged way to shelter generational wealth is to plan its transfer using a dynasty trust with a corporate fiduciary. This way, assets intended for multigenerational use are not lost in a divorce.

Corporate fiduciaries often serve as objective and experienced trustees to help protect trust assets for the benefit of successive generations.

A collaborative team of seasoned experts can help your clients make enduring action plans. These plans can protect family wealth and make sure its transfer does not rely on the success of any current or future marriage.

Brooke Swier Schloss
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