Seven Common Causes of Truck Accidents in South Dakota


We believe it is essential for every person involved in a truck accident to get good, relevant information about their case. Following a truck accident that causes a serious injury to you or a loved one, there are often many unanswered question. He are seven common causes of truck accidents in South Dakota.

1.  Drug use. The trucker who hit you may have been driving under the influence. Alcohol, prescription drug use, and illegal drugs are a factor in over a quarter of all big rig accidents.

2.  Driver fatigue. Trucking companies want to maximize their profits, and this may mean putting pressure on drivers to stay on the road as long as possible. Tired truckers have slower response times, make more mistakes than rested drivers, and are a major factor in most crashes.

3.  Speeding. Not only is speeding a common factor in truck accidents, it is also more likely to make the accident fatal. Each mile over the speed limit increases stopping distance and strengthens the force of impact when the truck collides with an automobile.

4.  Distracted driving. Truckers have many long hours to fill on the road, and some have turned to electronic distractions, such as texting, watching TV, playing games online, or checking Facebook on their phones while driving.

5.  Unfamiliar roads. Trucks often travel across several states, making it likely that they will not be as familiar with the roads as lifelong South Dakota residents. Many accidents are caused when a driver attempts to merge too late or make an illegal turn because they missed their exit.

6. Over-the-counter medication. While illegal medications are a bigger problem, over-the-counter medications such as allergy drugs and sleep aids also cause many preventable accidents.

7.  Blind spots. While truckers are trained on how to check all of the truck’s blind spots before merging or turning, many truckers still do not make these checks every time they attempt a difficult maneuver.