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Why Do Conference Planners, Business and Education Leaders, Academic Institutions, Non-profits and Trade Associations Hire Scott Swier As A Keynote Speaker?

It’s simple. He delivers what they want, he is easy to work with and he adapts his programs to the specific needs and goals of his audience. In short, he is an outstanding, practiced and professional speaker. What’s more, audiences love him. He takes the risk out of booking a speaker or trainer.

Attorney Scott Swier

If you are searching for excellence in a keynote speaker – a knowledgeable, warm and authentic presenter who knows his stuff, is easy to work with behind the scenes and knows how to reach a diversity of audiences with solid content and good humor – know that Scott is a rare find, indeed. With his engaging and unique perspectives, you can trust Scott will help make your event a long-to-be-remembered informative, fun and positive experience.

About Scott Swier

Scott Swier is a nationally-renowned education law attorney, author, entrepreneur, and the father of an autistic son. Combining a remarkable ability to simplify complex and high-level subject matter with a gift for engaging, entertaining and genuine connection with audiences, Scott’s presentations are a showcase for a talented teacher and story teller.

Scott earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, magna cum laude, from Mount Marty College in Yankton. He earned his Juris Doctor from the  of South Dakota School of Law where he served on the Board of Editors for the South Dakota Law Review

Appealing to both corporate audiences and the education community, Scott’s keynotes are customized for your particular event.As one recent client commented, “Scott Swier’s passionate delivery had the audience drawn in from the first word. He is an intelligent, knowledgeable, and extremely dynamic speaker.

Lawyer Scott Swier

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire Scott Swier As Your Next Keynote Speaker

He’ll Make You Look Good!

Scott is an audience favorite and will work tirelessly to make you look great! To quote an audience member, “Seeing Scott Swier made coming to the conference worth it!” Scott’s top priority is to add value to your event, give your audience actionable insights, and have them talking about your event for years to come.

He’s A True Expert

Scott is a best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and go-to expert who has been featured on television, radio, and international publications for his expertise in education law and autism.

He’s Lived It

As soon as his son started showing signs of autism, Scott started worrying about his life and the many hopes and dreams Scott had for him. What you go through as a parent when your child is diagnosed with autism can really only be explained by someone who has gone through it. As a speaker, Scott shares his deepest thoughts and worries through learning to understand autism and his son.

Your Audience Will Feel A Connection

Scott genuinely cares about your audience – and they FEEL it! He will make a substantial connection with his audience before, during, and after the presentation.

Attorney Scott Swier

Literally Guaranteed To Be One of The Best Keynote Speakers You and Your Audience Has Ever Seen

Scott is funny, energetic, relevant and will keep your audience on their toes from beginning to end. He is nationally recognized for his ability to create custom presentations that are hyper-relevant to his audience. His energy is infectious and knowledge is boundless. 

If Scott Does Not Provide True Value To Your Audience He Will Refund 100% Of His Speaker Fees

Please contact Executive Director, Sara Travis for additional information about Swier Law Firm's speaking appearances at [email protected] or 605-275-5669.