3 More FAQs That You Need to Know About the New Title IX Rules

FAQ #1 - What are the 2020 Title IX Regulations?

Answer - Many laws require implementing regulations to guide application of the law. Title IX regulations were previously issued in 1975, 1997, and 2001. The Education Department's Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) has been developing its newly-proposed regulations since November 2018. These new regulations are extensive and implement changes in how school district's address sexual violence, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, and stalking.

FAQ #2 - Will the 2020 Regulations apply to your school district?

Answer - Yes. The regulations cover all programs that receive federal education funding, including public K-12 schools and districts.

FAQ #3 - How will the 2020 Regulations be enforced?

Answer - Federal agencies and the courts share enforcement authority over Title IX - although the OCR does the vast majority of Title IX enforcement activity. As such, any OCR may impose financial compensation requirements and may determine that a school is “not compliant” with Title IX.