I Want To Keep Things Simple. Why Are My Documents So Long?

Estate planning is the “practice” of law. 

No matter how specialized, educated, innovative or talented the attorney you select is, that person cannot predict the future. Death and taxes are a given, but the circumstances between here and there are anyone’s guess. For this reason, your ideal estate plan will work for you and your family, regardless of what the future holds. 

We don’t want you to have to run back in to sign new documents when someone is born, if someone dies, the tax laws change, you buy new property etc.  In order to make your document “bend and flex” with future events, we often need to use vague terms (“issue” instead of “child”), and need to include language that no one may ever read.  Your document will be filled with things that may seem far-fetched, or unnecessary.  This may make your documents seem overwhelming and confusing and will make them longer than expected.

Please understand the following:

  • Every word in your documents are there for a reason and may stand to potentially protect you or your family; and
  • Once you have signed your documents, unless you want to make very specific changes, you shouldn’t have to worry about updating them for everyday life events. 

We want to provide you with the peace of mind that you and your family are taken care of through the joys and sorrows to come.  However to accomplish that security, we need to make things a little longer than you may expect.