Forty Things Swier Law Firm Can Do For You After Your South Dakota Automobile Accident

Most people are not aware of all the things we do to help protect your legal interests and maximize the value of your case. With this in mind, here are forty things we do before trial to help you navigate the legal process. 

After we meet with you and are hired, there are several steps that we take to protect your legal interests and get your case ready for settlement, arbitration, mediation, or trial. Please note that this list does not contain every step and not every step is required to be done in every case. However, this list should give you a good idea of what we can do for you.

1.   Help with any urgent family or accident related issues

2.   Determine the correct defendants and theories of liability

3.   Review the law and any causes of action

4.   Organize the medical bills paid by health insurance and/or automobile med pay

5.   Organize medical liens

6.   Obtain law enforcement reports

7.   Notify all parties in writing of our legal representation of you

8.   Have an investigator interview the important witnesses

9.   Have an investigator acquire statements from the important witnesses

10.  Send a letter to each driver asking for full insurance coverage information

11.  Send a letter to all insurance companies representing each driver

12.  Request specific documents from the other driver’s insurance company

13.  Make a formal demand to preserve all evidence

14.  Determine if any of the drivers were operating their vehicle while working

15.  Investigate the accident scene

16.  Determine the location of the vehicles and document any damage with photographs

17.  Calculate the repair costs or replacement value of your vehicle and other property damage

18.  Organize and negotiate the repair or replacement of your vehicle with the insurance company

19.  Obtain copies of your medical records and billings

20.  Determine your loss of earnings and benefits because of the accident

21.  Conduct an asset background check of the defendant (real estate, bank accounts, other investments)

22.  Review prior settlements and jury verdicts of similar cases

23.  Author and discuss with you the settlement demand package (containing important facts, traffic accident report, theories of liability, description of injuries, damages, future medical issues, treatment, surgery and damages, medical records and billings, loss of earnings, out of pocket losses, supporting expert opinions, and photographs)

24.  Coordinate settlement discussions and provide you with all important facts and opinions

25.  Follow up to make sure all necessary information is obtained

26.  Prepare the Summons and Complaint

27.  Obtain service of the Summons and Complaint on the defendant

28.  Contact and hire any consulting or trial experts

29.  Review legal documents from the defendant’s insurance company

30.  Prepare your initial discovery requests to the defendant

31.  Prepare you for your deposition

32.  Prepare for the defendant’s deposition

33.  Take the defendant’s deposition

34.  Take the deposition of any important witness

35.  Provide you with a letter of all important court dates

36.  Prepare for any mediation or arbitration session

37.  Prepare you for any mediation or arbitration session

38.  Attend any mediation or arbitration session with you

39.  If your case is resolved through mediation or arbitration, prepare the settlement documents

40.  If your case is resolved through mediation or arbitration, disburse your funds with a detailed financial statement