Estate Planning When Transitioning From The Military

Transitioning from the military means a lot of life changes and some major decisions related to your financial future. Regardless of how long you have served, upon transition there are certain benefits that may continue automatically, some that you may need to elect and even pay for, and some that others may have but you may not qualify. Some of these are time-sensitive and if not timely elected they are gone. 

Finding this information and making these decisions will seem overwhelming. This is where your estate planning attorney or financial planner can assist. A comprehensive estate plan will take into account a full range of options impacting your financial future and make sure that you make the choices that are right for your situation now and long-term. 

Your transition may see you acquiring real estate, changing residency, starting a new job with new benefit options and any number of other life-impacting steps. To ensure that you are properly covered, it is important to find an estate planning attorney in your area who can properly update your will, living wills and powers of attorney, draft or update a trust and otherwise review and discuss your current and future financial situation.

Once again, thank you for serving our nation - we look forward to helping you transition.