Delmont Assistance Program - An Insurance Checklist for Natural Disasters in South Dakota

The recent tornado in Delmont left astonishing destruction in its wake. However, residents should take steps now to prepare your property insurance claims. 

What is Property Insurance?

Property insurance generally covers physical damage to property, subject to any conditions and exclusions of the insurance policy. Property insurance policies often differ in their provisions, and policyholders need to review the particular requirements, restrictions, and exclusions of their policy.

Here is a checklist that you can use in preparing your property damage claims:

1. Gather your insurance policies and other insurance records 

If you can't find your policy, contact your insurance company or insurance broker and request a copy.

2. Give immediate written notice to your insurance agent and insurance company 

Written notice should include your:

  • Name and address
  • Contact name, phone, and fax number
  • Location of the loss
  • Brief description of the loss
  • Date and time of the loss

3. Prepare your "proof" of loss

A proof of loss gives details identifying your property that was destroyed or damaged. Generally, any information proving your claim (photographs, receipts, or records) can become part of your proof of claim. Your insurance company may require specific information or forms to fill out. 

4. Collect and organize your documents

  • Vital records, ledgers, and other proof supporting valuation
  • Photos or videos as proof of damage.

5. Submit proof of loss, photos, and reports to your insurance company and help in the company's investigation 

Property insurance policies often include a provision entitled “Duties in the Event of Loss.”  This allows your insurance company to conduct an investigation of a claim with your cooperation. This provision may also require you to allow the insurance company to inspect your property and cooperate with the company's investigation.