9 "Hidden Consequences" Of A South Dakota DUI Conviction

Everyone realizes that if you’re convicted of DUI, you will pay fines, court costs, and potentially serve jail time. However, a South Dakota DUI conviction can also have major short-term and long-term “hidden consequences.”

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Here are nine “hidden consequences” you should know about a South Dakota DUI conviction.

Hidden Consequence #1 – Suspension of driver’s license

In South Dakota, a DUI conviction requires that your driver’s license be suspended for a specific period of time. This suspension period is often determined based upon the number of your prior DUI convictions.

Hidden Consequence #2 – Loss of Commercial Driver’s License

Standards for commercial drivers in South Dakota are largely determined by federal guidelines. South Dakota enforces these standards and can suspend, revoke, cancel, or disqualify your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Your CDL can even be suspended or disqualified as a direct result of suspension of your regular license. In South Dakota, a first DUI conviction can result in your CDL being disqualified for one year. A second DUI conviction can result in lifetime disqualification of your CDL.

Hidden Consequence #3 – Increase in insurance premiums

The amount you pay for car insurance depends, in part, on what your insurance company believes your risk of being in an accident. To your insurance company, a DUI conviction suggests a risky driving history, which translates into higher insurance premiums.

Hidden Consequence #4 – Mandatory participation in alcohol education or assessment programs

A South Dakota DUI conviction may require you to participate in DUI education or assessment programs. 17

Hidden Consequence #5 – Electronic monitoring

The South Dakota 24/7 Sobriety Program is designed as a nontraditional approach to reduce repeat DUI offenses. The Program’s main goal is to encourage sobriety 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Offenders may avoid incarceration if they abstain from alcohol and drug use.

Hidden Consequence #6 – Abstaining from alcohol and drugs during probation

In South Dakota, probation is a common sentence, especially for DUI offenders. The court may order that you abstain from alcohol and drugs during your probation period.

Hidden Consequence #7 – Revocation or suspension of a professional or occupational license

A South Dakota DUI conviction can have serious consequences for anyone who needs a license to practice his profession or occupation. Each type of professional or occupational license is treated differently, as are the potential consequences.

Hidden Consequence #8 – Modification of child custody orders

The courts take a very dim view of a parent’s substance abuse when considering the best interests of a child. Even if your child wasn’t with you when you were arrested, a DUI conviction may impact a child custody order.

Hidden Consequence #9 – Restrictions on travel and entry into some countries

A DUI conviction may result in you being barred from international travel, even if the conviction happened several years ago. These restrictions vary from country to country, but some nations significantly restrict travel by DUI offenders.

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