6 South Dakota Child Support Tips Every Parent Should Know


Tip #1 - Can my South Dakota child support increase when I am supporting my special needs child?

Yes. In South Dakota, you can deviate from the child support schedule when you have a special needs child. For example, the cost of a caregiver with skills necessary to handle a child's complicated medication regimen or a specific vehicle that would support a child with cerebral palsy and seizure disorder.


Tip # 2 - How are child support arrears calculated in South Dakota?

The court primarily looks at tax returns. In certain cases, the court may determine the parents' annualized income for purposes of calculating child support over a period of years.

Tip #3 - Is my bonus from work figured into child support in South Dakota?

A bonus is income not accounted for in monthly income, and in order to count the bonus, it must be in the possession of the parent and consistently awarded.


Tip #4 - Are my living expenses considered when calculating child support in South Dakota?

Living expenses would fit into the "relative financial condition" and could also include debts and expenses. These are factors a court may consider as a deviation from the Child Support Guidelines.


Tip #5 - Are daycare expenses considered in my South Dakota child support calculation?

Daycare expenses are not a part of the basic child support obligation. Child care expenses are only considered as a part of your child support obligation as a deviation from the schedule, which must be requested.


Tip #6 - Does a step-parent's income impact a child support obligation in South Dakota?

Yes. The income of a step-parent can trigger a deviation in the child support guidelines that adjusts a party's support obligation based on the financial condition of a party. A child support deviation must be requested.

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