4 Things Every South Dakota Business Should Know About Cyber Law

What Is Cyber Law?


Cyber Law, which may be classified as “Computer Law,” is one of the most recently developed legal fields as a result of the ongoing growth of computer-based technology. This type of technology relies heavily on the Internet and online activities. As a result, regulation and oversight of this type of activity has been expressed in the spectrum of Cyber Law. Cyber Law is a broad legal field that consists of a variety of avenues and jurisdictions, including the ethical and moral use of the Internet for lawful and legal purposes.


What Is A Computer Virus?


Within the scope of Cyber Law, a computer virus is a program created to infiltrate a computer terminal belonging to another individual or business with the intent to cause damage, harm, and destruction of virtual property.


What Is Spyware?


Spyware is a computer program that facilitates the unlawful collection of data and allows its user to improperly access personal and private information belonging to another individual.


What Is Phishing?


Phishing is a criminal act of fraud involving the illegal and unlawful attempt to obtain restricted, unauthorized, and privileged information through means of fraudulent and communicative requests. Spam is defined as a digitally-based criminal instrument, which involves the unsolicited transmission of electronic communication with intent of committing fraud.