10 Things Your Lawyer Should Do After A South Dakota Automobile Accident

After you are involved in a South Dakota accident, here are 10 things your lawyer should do for you:

  • Teach you about personal injury claims and the litigation process in South Dakota.
  • Assemble and organize the records and documents needed to support your claim (including medical, police, and employment records).
  • Investigate your claim - including obtaining witness statements and pictures.
  • Review your automobile insurance policy to see what coverage is available to pay for your damages.
  • Contact the insurance companies so your case receives the proper attention.
  • Negotiate with the other person's insurance company in an effort to settle the claim.
  • Visit with your healthcare providers to fully understand your health issues.
  • Review your medical records and bills.
  • Review any liens claimed against the your recovery (healthcare providers or insurers may file liens seeking to be repaid for benefits they already paid on your behalf).
  • File a lawsuit, if necessary.