What Are Some Common Causes of ATV Accidents in South Dakota?


Certain circumstances can lead to a greater risk of an ATV accident, including:

  • Riding on pavement. ATVs are designed to be ridden off-road. With their high center of gravity and low-pressure tires, they are more likely to tip over or go out of control on pavement. When an ATV is ridden on regular streets, the risk to the rider is much greater than when it is off-road.
  • Riding without adult supervision. Unsupervised children are more likely to speed, dart out into roads, and attempt tricks and maneuvers. 
  • Performing dangerous stunts. Both kids and adults attempt to jump obstacles, perform turning maneuvers, and race other ATVs, which can all lead to crashes and serious injuries. 
  • Riding on unfamiliar terrain. Not knowing the terrain can lead to crashing into trees, flipping in a hole or ditch, running on to a busy road, and many other hazards. Always approach new terrain with caution.