I was hurt in a truck accident on I-90 near Sturgis. The trucker admitted fault for the accident, but now the insurance company is saying I was partially responsible. What can I do?


This type of conduct is actually fairly common. Sometimes, smart people trust the wrong people.  It makes sense that you want to believe what the truck driver’s insurance adjuster is saying.

Unfortunately, doing so can often leave you to pay for another person’s mistake.

This might surprise you, but the trucker has virtually no say in what happens in your case. In fact, trucking companies insure their drivers and cover them with special insurance plans. The adjusters that work on truck accident cases in South Dakota often work exclusively with these types of cases. Truck accidents are generally very different from car accident because:

  • Truckers have different safety standards that they are required to meet.
  • Truckers operate under federal regulations that are different than other vehicles.
  • Truckers must have background checks performed before driving the vehicle.
  • Truckers have a series of regulations for how many hours they can be on the road.