When Is It Too Late To Sign A Prenup?

Brooke Swier Schloss
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In 1993, Jeff Bezos married MacKenzie Tuttle. While he already had a successful career at hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Co., this was about a year before Bezos would launch a little online bookstore out of his Seattle garage. Amazon is now a trillion-dollar company, Bezos' net worth is estimated around $150 billion, and he and MacKenzie just announced they are divorcing.


The news of the divorce shouldn't affect Amazon's bottom line, even if splitting in 2019 will cost Bezos a few more tax dollars than it would've in 2018. He might also be wondering just how much of his personal net worth or stake in the company he founded will take a hit in the divorce, and if it might not be too late to sign a prenup.


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