Swier Law Firm Publishes Second Edition of The South Dakota Child Custody And Divorce Handbook

Brooke Swier Schloss
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Family Law and Estate Planning attorney helping families across South Dakota plan and protect their loved ones

On January 2, 2017, Swier Law Firm published the second edition of The Essential Guide To Child Custody and Divorce in South Dakota.  

Swier Law Firm's Family Law Practice Group authored the book which explains important child custody and divorce law concepts in a logical and user-friendly style. As with the other books in Swier Law Firm’s popular series, the second edition of The Essential Guide To Child Custody and Divorce in South Dakota is updated to reflect recent changes in this complex area. 

The book’s clear organization and down-to-earth approach makes it a valuable reference tool for anyone in South Dakota who wants to understand the "ins and outs" of child custody and divorce law in our state. In this compact volume, the family law attorneys of The Swier Law Firm's Family Law Practice Group gives readers answers to their most common child custody and divorce law questions, including:

  • What is marriage in South Dakota?
  • What are the rights and obligations of marriage?
  • What are Premarital Agreements?
  • What is an annulment?
  • What are the grounds for divorce?
  • How is property divided in a divorce?
  • How is child custody and visitation determined?
  • How is child support determined?
  • Can child custody and visitation be modified?
  • 30 Tips for Your Child Custody Case
  • And much more...


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