Motorcycle Safety is Everyone's Business


August is generally back-to-school time and it’s when we are reminded to watch for kids and buses, but it's also a time to remember to watch for motorcycles. With Fall around the corner, the air is getting crisper and bikers' riding time is dwindling.

According to the South Dakota Department of Public Safety during the last 10 years, the average number of motorcycle-involved crashes is 511 and 22 deaths per year. The total number of accidents in 2016 is slightly lower at 475 and 22 fatalities. The numbers for 2017 are not in yet, but there is good news! We are all instrumental in creating safer roads for motorcyclists. Here are the three tips to help create safer roads for motorcyclists:

  1. Be aware of motorcycles sharing the road.
  2. Check your blind spot and look before you turn.
  3. Give them room. If you have a motorcyclist in front of you, slow down and give them some extra space in front of you.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, download our free South Dakota Motorcycle Accident Handbook for helpful information and tips about your next steps.

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